Jan. 3, 2017

To Our Valued Customers,

Hikvision is pleased to announce the launch of its Hik-Connect service for customers migrating from the HiDDNS service (please refer to the Dec. 13, 2016 Notice: HiDDNS Service Migrates to Hik-Connect).

Beginning today, Jan. 3, 2017, the Hik-Connect web portal, www.hik-connect.com, will be available for account registration, to add devices, for centralized management of devices registered to the Hik-Connect platform with domain name, and for device access via domain name link on a web browser. For existing HiDDNS connected devices, customers can still view the devices directly via their URL (www.hik-online.com/domainName) through a web browser, iVMS-4200 or iVMS-4500.

Customers can use the Hik-Connect App (IOS & Android) to add registered devices for remote management. Hikvision will release a new version of the Hik-Connect App that we expect to be approved by Apple and Google Play and ready for downloading around Jan. 10, 2017. At that time, customers will be able to add devices by Hik-Connect Domain, IP/Domain method, and also continue using the alarm PUSH notification service. 

For more details about the Hik-Connect service, please consult the following how-to guides: http://tech.hikvisionusa.com/2-uncategorised/37-how-to-vms

Please be aware of the upcoming release information:



Release Dates


Hik-Connect web portal (www.hik-connect.com)

Hik-Connect account registration

Hik-Connect devices centralized management

Jan. 3, 2017


Hik-Connect App
   (IOS and Android)

Hik-Connect account registration

New Device tab is used for    adding device by Hik-Connect Domain, IP/Domain method

Jan. 4, 2017
submit to IOS APP Store/Google Play

Estimating extra 4-7 days until approval is completed

As they become available, Hikvision will upload the guidance documents and corresponding device (including IP cameras and recorders) firmware that support Hik-Connect, on the Hikvision website. In the interim, customers can take advantage of the Hik-Connect platform features by following a few easy steps.

Here are the set-up instructions:

1. Upgrade device to proper firmware that supports Hik-Connect
 2.Enable “Hik-Connect” on device local or web GUI, and configure corresponding parameters if necessary
 3. Download the Hik-Connect App from the IOS App store/Google Play
 4. Register user’s personal account via email or phone number at Hik-Connect App/Hik -Connect web portal/iVMS-4200
 5. Add user’s owned devices into user’s registered account at Hik-Connect App/Hik- Connect web portal
 6. Adding the device by Hik-Connect Domain method is necessary if customers want to use the new domain name service on Hik-Connect App
 7. The new registered device is ready to use

If you have any questions, please contact your Hikvision representative or Hikvision Tech Support at techsupport.usa@hikvision.com
 Hikvision USA Inc.
 Hikvision Canada Inc.